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Programming & Events



  • 8:18 Shabbat Morning with Rabbi Skydell (In the Classroom Downstairs).
  • Rabbi’s Talmud Class (Masechet Kiddushin) 1 hr before Minchah on Shabbat Afternoon.
  • Sunday Mornings after 8:00 AM Shacharit – DEAL (Daven, Eat and Learn Breakfast and Shiur).
  • Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM–Martin Kaufman’s Weekly Shiur in Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s Likkutei Moharan.
  • Wednesday Night Study of the Siddur with Rabbi Skydell-8:15 PM – This shiur will study the siddur in-depth. We will focus on the background of the tefilot, the structure of Jewish prayer, and the development of Jewish liturgy from the time of Tanakh through the time of the Rabbis of the Talmud.


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Wed, September 19 2018 10 Tishrei 5779