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Annual Gala 2018





Rabbi Benjamin & Shani Skydell
Keter Shem Tov Award
Rabbi Ben and Shani Skydell, together with their children, Hannah, Emmie, and Zacky, joined Congregation Orach Chaim six years ago. While they were already known as superb Jewish educators, it quickly became apparent to the Orach Chaim community that their leadership expanded beyond the classroom. The Skydells have surpassed even the highest expectations. Their home is always open to members of the community and their dedication to this important work serves as a model for others.
Rabbi Skydell has been able to build strong relationships with our members of all backgrounds, as he is deeply committed to helping individuals forge their Jewish path forward – whether it’s helping a troubled student find his or her way or an older member looking for more inspiration in Torah learning. Rabbi Skydell’s success hinges on his unique ability to connect both intellectually and spiritually. He has mentored thousands of students over the last fifteen years as a teacher at the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School and elsewhere, engaging their minds as a means to create a life-long passion and interest in learning.     
As the Director of Early Childhood at Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, Shani has the remarkable ability to connect with children and families in a meaningful and successful manner. She believes that each and every interaction is an opportunity to build a connection based on trust and understanding. Shani exudes a calming and welcoming presence, making everyone feel comfortable and important.
Lauren & Daniel Krul
Young Leadership Award
Lauren and Daniel Krul joined Congregation Orach Chaim nearly five years ago and have been active members ever since. They took the warmth and welcoming feeling they received and propelled it forward, volunteering their time to organize Shabbat dinners and programs at Orach Chaim. Daniel has served on the Orach Chaim Board of Trustees for the past two years and Lauren serves on Orach Chaim’s Welcome Wagon.
Lauren and Daniel have a unique sense of responsibility and connectedness that stretches from their personal lives to professional. Lauren is a passionate personal injury attorney, advocating on behalf of her clients at Solomon Sherman and Gabay. Daniel works in Private Wealth Management at Stifel Nicolaus, where he helps his clients build financial stability and a path to meeting their future financial goals.
Morah Baila Krainer & Morah Chaya Krainer
Boris Z. Gorlin Award for Community Service
Morah Baila founded the Orach Chaim Toddler Center nearly three decades ago with a simple vision that had a profound impact on the community: to build loving and trusting relationships within the classroom that encouraged children and their parents to develop a love of Jewish education. Baila is widely recognized as a staple in the Orach Chaim family; she is as a sought after teacher, tutor, and mentor. Her passion and dedication is felt throughout Orach Chaim and the community at large.
Morah Chaya joined the Toddler Center nine years ago to help mold the minds of young children and create the same environment that she loved so much as a child. Chaya is a dedicated and loving teacher, making it easy for children to connect with her. Children look forward to greeting her warm smile and enthusiastic energy, trusting they will enjoy each moment with her.
Sat, March 17 2018 1 Nisan 5778