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Torah Dedication in Memory of Julius L Lassner z"l

Dear Family & Friends:


Our Husband, Father, Grandfather, mentor and friend, Julius L. Lassner’s z’l second home for over four decades was Orach Chaim. It was his place of prayer, meditation, comradery and one-on-one time with God.

He accomplished much in life and was extremely humbled to serve as a member of the Chevra Kadisha in Bogotá, Colombia and later at his beloved Congregation Orach Chaim and Upper East Side.

With that in mind, as we just commemorated his 2nd yahrzeit, we invite you to join us in participating in the 613th mitzvah of the Torah; to take part in writing a new Torah in memory of our beloved Jules z’l. It will be a lighter and slightly smaller Torah and therefore regardless of strength or ability all can carry it. The Torah will be used at Orach Chaim and during shiva minyanim.

We thank you in advance for participating in this great Mitzvah.







Benjamin Skydell David Freedman

Rabbi President



Danièle, Andy, Lorie, Erin, Ryan, Ethan, Mara, Jamie, Sam and Adam Lassner




Hatchaklat Sefer Torah in memory Julius L. Lassner’s z’l

Sunday Morning, January 21, 2018

9AM – 11AM

Children and Adults invited to breakfast and the beginning of the writing of the Sefer Torah with special activities for children.

   Sefer Bereisheet - $18,000.00 - Booked
   Sefer Shemot (RESERVED) - $18,000.00
   Sefer Vayeira - $18,000.00 - Open
   Sefer Bamidbar - $18,000.00 - Open
   Sefer Devarim - $18,000.00 - Open
   Aseret Hadibrot (First Set) - $5,200.00 - Open
   Aseret Hadibrot (Second Set) - $5,200.00 - Open
   Shirat Hayam - $3,600.00 - Open
   Shema - $3,600.00 - Booked
   Parshat Ha-man - $1,800.00 - Open
   Akeidat Yitzchak (RESERVED) - $1,800.00
   Birkat Yaakov - $1,800.00 - Open
   Yud Gimmel Midot - $1,800.00 - Booked
   Birkat Kohanim (RESERVED) - $1,800.00
   Hamalach Hagoel - $1,800.00 - Open
   Parsha(t) - state which - $1,000.00 - 9999 of 10000 Left
   Perek/Chapter(s) - $360.00 - 9998 of 10000 Left